Our Solution

Incued helps investment managers in their efforts to protect their investments.
Utilizing Incued software can help identify patterns and behaviors before they lead to any financial losses. With Incued, investment managers can be confident that their investments are being well-protected.

Data-driven decisions that increase shareholder value

The power of Incued lies in its ability to easily access key data. Our private market automation (PMA) software allows investors to make data-driven decisions that increase shareholder value. With everything in one place, there's no room for guesswork.

Stop wasting time on collecting & organizing data manually, let Incued do it for you! Learn more today.

How We
Do It

Incued for investors aggregates and standardizes financial data of portfolio companies in real-time. We connect directly with the portfolio company's account software via API. Incued minimizes investment risks by pulling real-time financial data. A step up from using old-fashioned tools like spreadsheets, our technology automates data collection and retires old and redundant processes.  Our data-driven portfolio monitoring suite leverages real-time financial data, analytics, and insights, and to top it all, it enables you to track the deal flow and other decision-making processes within the same tool.

Why We Do It

Knowing that collecting and organizing data is one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks for investors, our team has built Incued to make the process easy and hassle-free so that VC & PE firms can focus their time on portfolio companies.

Why We
Do It

Live Financial Data

Always know the status of your portfolio. With real-time, live financial data you can now track metrics on a moment's notice and reduce risk like never before. See exactly how well investments are performing at any given time with visuals such as charts or workspaces – it’s just that easy!

With the advent of modern technology, investors can easily conduct due diligence on startups before investing their capital. They can verify their financials, examine documents and investigate the plans for future growth. All this helps them make an informed decision that gives them the best chance of success. The combination of greater transparency and accurate information gives investors an advantage that they didn't have before - increasing their chances for the highest return on investment.

Triggers & Alerts

Triggers & alerts are a smart and strategic way for investors to manage their portfolio companies in a scalable manner. Easily prioritize high-value engagements across your portfolio by providing value and strategic support where and when it matters and let your portfolio companies handle the rest!

Triggers and alerts can be customized based on your firm's investment thesis, allowing you to decide what metrics or events prompt a touchpoint. Never be caught off guard with missed opportunities, events, or updates.


Unlock your productivity today by using our revolutionary tool and create LP reports instantly. Investors can now quickly and securely access important financial information from portfolio companies with the simple click of a button!

This tool standardizes and streamlines report building and formatting, making it much easier aggregate, build, and share - conveniently all in one place.